Eagle Scout Earns All 138 Merit Badges

Arman Kingsland Mengi, from Troop 543 in Orange, has accomplished more than most have during his 17 years of life. The new Eagle Scout has not only earned the 21 mandatory merit badges for Eagle, but earned an additional 117 merit badges. Mengi was able to earn every single merit badge available this year for a total of 138 individual badges.

This feat was not something the Scout first sought after, saying “I inadvertently earned both set of the Eagle required badges that are either Life Saving or Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Science or Sustainability. After that I knew I wanted to keep going.”

Earning this many merit badges provided him with some highlights, whether it was mastering a skill or overcoming adversity.

His favorite merit badge was Rifle Shooting. Mengi had only shot a rifle once before attempting to earn the merit badge, which requires 25 out of 50 clay pigeons be shot down. Not only did he shoot down all 50 clay pigeons launched, he was then told to hit the missed shots of the Scout next to him. He felt pretty good when the camp counselors asked what club he shot for.

His most challenging merit badges included any that required hiking and cycling because it required training to complete a continuous 50 mile hike and ride.

In addition to completing merit badges, a Scout must develop a project to earn the ranking of Eagle Scout. Mengi painted four school recognition murals on the classrooms at El Modena High School in Orange. Each mural was an acronym with a character word that represents the school body al El Modena; E for enlightened, M for motivated, H for honest, and S for strong. “The challenge to my project was that we were working outside and had a very small window of time where it was dark enough to project the mural, yet not so dark that we could not see to work.”

Although earning all the merit badges can be time consuming, Mengi is very proud to be part of an honored organization that provides youth with such incredible opportunities that non-Scouts often don’t have the chance to participate in.

End of the Year Gift & Tax Planning Article #6: Giving Tuesday All Month Long


Everyday is Giving Tuesday this month in support of Scouts!

In case you missed your chance to participate in Giving Tuesday last week, and haven’t yet made your Friends of Scouting gift to support the program you have benefited from this year, it’s not too late. Everyday this December is Giving Tuesday in support of Scouting!

It costs $300 annually to provide the support for each Scout in the Orange County Council—separate from unit and national fees. That includes the cost to maintain our camps, provide program support, insurance, registration, advancement, training and leadership opportunities for your Scouts as well as over 10,000 volunteer leaders.

What makes it all possible is the, ”Friends of Scouting Campaign,” the lifeblood of OCBSA’s funding effort. Each year parents, volunteers, Scouting alumni, friends and business leaders donate time, energy and financial resources to this much needed annual effort.

Families that participate are grateful for the opportunity to “pay it forward by giving back” to Scouting. Many realize that their annual support provides a lifetime of value at a cost far less than what other organizations charge for programs that have shorter durations or smaller lifetime impact.

As you think about your contributions at the end of the year, we hope that you will become a Friend of Scouting. You can also honor any of your Scout’s leaders or his achievements, including becoming an Eagle, by making your Friends of Scouting gift as a special tribute.

If you already are a Friend of Scouting, THANK YOU! If not, please become a Friend of Scouting today at ocbsa.org/give  and make a difference in the life of a Scout! Scouting can’t continue to grow without you! For more information about ways you can give and impact the life of a Scout contact Devon Dougherty at devond@ocbsa.org, or call 714.546.8558 ext. 145.