The 2018 Annual Spurgeon Luncheon is honoring Richard Porras, Charles Celano Jr., Mike Hamel, and Les Fitzgerald on October 18th at the Anaheim Marriott. The William H. Spurgeon, III Award is the highest recognition for individuals and organizations contributing significant leadership to the Exploring Program. The William H. Spurgeon, III Award was developed in 1971 in honor of the man who is regarded as the major leader in the development of special interest Exploring. Mr. Spurgeon was a business executive at the Irvine Company in Southern California who personally organized many special interest posts in the 1960’s. Mr. Spurgeon served for many years as a member of the National Council Executive Board and national Exploring Committee. His pioneering efforts led to the present contemporary Exploring Program. He devoted much of the late 1960’s to promoting Exploring and is particularly remembered as a dynamic speaker for Exploring Impact Plan luncheons across America. Mr. Spurgeon passed away in 1970.

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Richard E. Porras

Assistant Vice President, External Affairs Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties AT&T

Richard has held various positions in human resources and managed employment and recruitment for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside/San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.  In 1997 Richard accepted a position as External Affairs Director, representing the corporation to the communities of Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Placentia.  In January 2000 Richard was appointed as Area Vice President overseeing External Affairs for Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  During his 41-year tenure with the company, Porras has watched the corporation maintain its leading edge in the industry as telecommunications technology advanced at breakneck speed.  Through the evolution of its brand from AT&T, to Pacific Bell with its divesture in 1984, to SBC with its merger in 1996, to its re-emerge to AT&T in 2006, Porras continued advancing in his career as well.  Porras currently directs business, community and governmental relations for AT&T in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  In his role he serves on numerous boards of business and community organizations.

Charles F. Celano, Jr.

Chief of Police Tustin Police Department

Chief Charles F Celano Jr is a 27-year veteran of the Tustin Police Department. He has worked his way up through the ranks to the position of Chief of Police. Over the course of his career, Chief Celano has worked a variety of assignments including Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Street Narcotics/Vice Detective, Orange County RNSP Detective, Gang Unit Sergeant, Patrol Area Commander, and the Captain in charge of each of the two Bureaus – Community Policing and Administrative Services. Chief Celano has been a staunch advocate and supporter of Explorer Post 615 for many years. He believes in the tremendous benefits of Exploring to both the young men and women in the program and to the profession overall.

Mike Hamel

Chief of Police Irvine Police Department

Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel is a 25-year law enforcement veteran who has been with the Irvine Police Department since 1995. He is the first Irvine Police Chief to rise through the ranks from police officer to Chief from within the IPD organization. Chief Hamel is president of the Orange County Chiefs’ of Police and Sheriff’s Association. Chief Hamel is also a Governing Board Member for Waymakers, a Commissioner for the Orange County Human Relations Commission and a Past Board Member for Team Kids Inc.

JR Fitzgerald

Captain Anaheim Fire and Rescue

JR Fitzgerald joined Anaheim Fire Department in January of 1987. He rose through the ranks as a firefighter for 7 years an Engineer for 9 years and for the last 15 years as the rank of Captain. During that time he was a member of Anaheim USAR team, training division cadre ,California task force 5 and finishing his career assigned as Hazmat Captain.  He took over lead advisor and program director for Anaheim Fire Explorers in 2013 which he enjoyed until his retirement in 2018.

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