Congratulations to Jason Perkins the 2018 Advisor of the Year

Jason Perkins has been involved with Garden Grove Police Explorer Post 1020 since 1999. Jason has always been a proponent of youth development and has promoted this through a “farm system” process within the Garden Grove Police Department.  With the philosophy of starting early education of Explorers in the future of police work, educating them to the importance of strong ethics and how those ethics relate to getting hired as a police officer, along with the basic knowledge of law.

Jason and the Garden Grove Police Department are delivering a program that prepares Explorers of Post 1020 for a future career in law enforcement. He takes Explorers on ride-alongs and teaches them the proper procedures as they would be taught and evaluated in the academy. Jason works hard to reinforce the importance of education and has helped Explorers find tutoring assistance to ensure their grades are maintained.

He currently holds the post position of Senior Advisor and is responsible for the administrative responsibilities for the program. Jason’s dedication to the program is shown by the fact that the Explorers themselves have nominated Jason as the Post’s Advisor of the Year on three occasions.

His dedication does not stop with Garden Grove’s Post alone though. Jason has been involved with the Orange County Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor Association Explorer Academy since 2001. He has been a tactical officer for the Explorer Academy and has left an indelible mark on the trainees. He is the advisor that the director staff will place new advisors with to learn how to properly deal with the academy.

Jason was recently documented on televisions CBS Good Morning America for his efforts in youth development as an advisor within Garden Grove’s Post. He also supports every Explorer he has ever met, keeping in contact with his academy squads over the year and wanting to know of their successes. Jason has flown to numerous states to attend academy graduations of former explorers not only from Garden Grove but explorers he met as their tactical officer. Without question, much of the success of Garden Grove’s program is due to Jason’s hard work and dedication. Congratulations, Jason!

Congratulations to Chaney Lieberman winner of the 2018 Young American Award

Chaney was one of four recipients of the Young American Award given out at the 2018 Spurgeon Luncheon. Chaney also received a five-hundred-dollar scholarship with her award. Chaney, an Orange County Sheriff’s Explorer, has shown remarkable maturity, aptitude and ability. She has participated on the Explorer color guard team and tactical competition team. Several of the awards presented to competition teams have been received under her command and due in part to her confidence and ability to communicate and delegate tasks to other explorers. Chaney is one of the primary instructors and responsible for preparing the next generation of Explorers for upcoming competitions.

Outside of her duties as a Sheriff’s Explorer, Chaney volunteers her time with other worthwhile groups and has even founded her own nonprofit organization – “Taking Action Centered on Kids” or TACK. This organization is focused on creating care packages and raising awareness for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Recently, Chaney saw a need in the homeless community, specifically homeless veterans, and expanded TACK to include this often-neglected group. Chaney began working with the Lake Forest Police Services Homeless Liaison Officer, and has provided him with enough materials and resources to reach out to over fifty homeless individuals to help get them the assistance they need. Chaney Received the 2017 Red Cross Youth Humanitarian Award as well as the Leadership award for Explorer Post 449 in 2017. Chaney is a pleasure to supervise and work around. She is the first to volunteer for tasks and completes them to the highest of expectations. Instead of looking at problems and complaining, she takes the initiative to better those around her. The role she has taken upon herself to help those around her shows a level of maturity and dedication to her fellow man that is difficult to find in individuals her age.

Due to Chaney’s hard work, leadership skills and dedication to the Explorer Program, she was recently promoted to the rank of Explorer Captain and oversees the Lake Forest, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita Divisions for Explorer Post 449. Congratulations, Chaney!