Enjoy lots of treats and avoid the tricks this Halloween—take advantage of charitable gifting through appreciated stocks.

This Halloween children will be making their way through your neighborhood, you may wonder if you can still go “trick or treating.”  The answer is YES!

With so much uncertainty around the elections and the direction of the stock market, if you have enjoyed some good growth in the stocks you have held more than a year, why not consider gifting some of them to your favorite charity such as the Orange County Boy Scouts. In doing so, you can avoid the “tricks” of the stock potentially going down along with paying capital gains tax if you were to sell it outright.

And just think of the “treats” you get. Not only do you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated asset if you transfer it to a charity, you also gain a tax deduction for the fair market value. Most importantly, if your gift is to the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America, you know that you are helping us to reach and serve more youth with these vital programs. From funding camperships and outreach programs to helping us rebuild our Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center after last year’s devasting fires or sponsoring a tree, your gift will truly make a difference.

You may contact Devon Dougherty (devond@ocbsa.org; 714-546-8558 x145 ) for more information along with consulting your tax advisor.  We are here to help and make your Halloween  a real “treat!”

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