Written by Laurie G.

“Ever since I can remember my son Gabriel who is a Cub Scout in Pack 679 in Mission Viejo has wanted to be a fighter fighter. His room is decorated in fire fighter memorabilia and painted in Fire Red.

As popcorn season approached we had lots of conversations about what we would learn while we were selling popcorn. Looking people in the eye, talking about all of the fun things that we do in Cub Scouts, learning to make change, handling a turn down gracefully by saying ‘thank you’ whether a person buys or not are all important life lessons that our Scouts learn.

I am so grateful for the people who take the time to talk to our Scouts during storefront popcorn sales and recount either their own or their child’s fond memories of the pinewood derby, camping or fishing with their den.

We were almost done with our sales when all of a sudden Gabriel’s real life hero’s a truck of firefighters showed up to do some grocery shopping. They took the time to recall their own time in Scouting when they were kids and gave Gabriel some pointers such as speaking loudly and clearly and having a presence when he joins the ranks of firefighters one day!!! They told him that he will start to learn the skills he needs today in Cub scouting! They bought a bag of White Cheddar Cheese for their firehouse to share.”


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