Young people need faith. There is abundant evidence that children benefit from the moral compass provided by religious tradition. We acknowledge that faith can become an important part of a child’s identity. Each of the major faiths breeds hope, optimism, compassion, and a belief in a better tomorrow. Scouting encourages each young person to begin a spiritual journey through the practice of his or her faith tradition. Below are some resources to help support the faith based program in your unit.


Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) is a not-for-profit organization which encourages collaborations between churches and the BSA to benefit young people. Both organizations have unique resources in carrying out their work with children and youth, but when a congregation and a council work side-by-side sharing their resources, more young people can be served more effectively. Both organizations, working together for youth, can reach objectives not attainable by either working alone. P.R.A.Y. has developed several resources to encourage such collaborative efforts. Take a look at the P.R.A.Y. website to see some of the information available to you for your program.