Are you planning to make a gift to OCBSA before the end of the year? If so, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “What might be the best way to do that?” Many of our friends make gifts in December without much planning. Your gift makes a big difference in the young lives of the Scouts we serve. This year you might consider how you can also benefit from one or both of the following two strategies.

  1. Give Appreciated Assets! Do you have stocks that you have held for more than a year? If you do, it may be wiser to make a donation using appreciated securities instead of cash. In addition to receiving an income tax deduction for the current value of the stock, you will avoid long term capital gain tax when the stock is sold, if it was held for    more than a year. Have your broker/advisor contact our office for transfer instructions.
  1. Are you over 70 ½ years of age? If so, consider using all or a portion of your RMD to make a direct transfer from an IRA or SEPIRA to OCBSA. The transfer counts toward the annual Required Minimum Distribution and avoids income tax. It’s easy to do. Contact your IRA agent to request and complete the Distribution Form.

We hope you will consider making a gift to OCBSA before the end of the year. Your support makes a big impact on our programs and camps, and the growth and achievement of our youth. And as we rebuild from the Canyon 2 Fire and strive to reach more underserved youth with a quality program, your gift is needed more than ever!

We hope that you can benefit from one of the strategies listed above. They are not intended as legal advice. Before making a charitable contribution you always should seek the advice of your personal accountant, or tax advisor. Since there is lead time needed for both, it is best to not wait to initiate the process.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for making a difference through Scouting!

For more information please contact Devon Dougherty, CSPG, CFRE at or call 714-546-8558 x145

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