Ancient Mariner’s Regatta

On Memorial Day Weekend, The Ancient Mariner’s Regatta (AMR) took place, one of the largest Sea Scout Regattas in the United States with over 270 Sea Scouts participating this year.
The competition took place at the Cal Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA where Sea Scouts competed in over 20 different events such as First Aid, Marlinespike, Pulling Boat Race, and Drill. A total of 32 competing ships formed about 24 different crews including Orange County’s own Renegades, Del Mar, Triton, and Mariners. SSS Mariners alone brought 5 crews and they victoriously “sailed” back on one Clipper, one Schooner, two Sloops and one Catboat. SSS Triton, SSS Renegades, and MSS Catalinas’ combined crew acquired Sloop, and Del Mar’s Crew earned Clipper.
(Award scoring can be found at the bottom of this article)
Spencer from Del Mar stated, “AMR is a fun competition and even though competing and winning with your team is fun there is a special bond created between members of your team with inside jokes that will last for years.”
Sea Scout, Jordyn Alexis, pointed out that,” The youth and the adults really bring AMR and other events together with their spirits and positive attitudes…attending these events give you an opportunity to see how others function and work together.”
Every ship brought their A game during the four day long competition, some ships practice months in advance for this competition alone. Although everyone loves winning, this competition shows the youth commitment, perseverance and helps build character to make stronger leaders out of the scouts. Sea Scouts across the Western Region look forward to this competition every year and you can bet that they are already planning for next year!
Classes are assigned to each ship for its average ship Events score and a Specific number of Team Events, as followed:
o Clipper 75% and above Ship Score / 9 Satisfactory Team Events
o Schooner 60% – 74% Ship Score / 7 Satisfactory Team Events
o Sloop 50% – 59% Ship Score / 5 Satisfactory Team Events
o Catboat 30% – 49% Ship Score / 3 Satisfactory Team Events

Combined Crew of Ship 90 Renegades, Ship 1767 Triton, and Ship 1352 Catalina

Ship 936 Mariners

Two Sea Scouts Selected for Western Region Quarterdeck

June 12, 2017
This May, two of our very own Orange County Sea Scouts were selected to be a part of the Western Region Quarterdeck. Christopher Shintani of the Del Mar and Hannah Carter of Mariners were both selected to be Boatswains Mates, and will be representing the Sea Scout program to prospective members by spreading awareness on social media and helping new scouts get involved, amongst other things. Chris has said that he ‘hopes to visit as many Sea Scout Ships as possible and work with those who may need help with membership and attendance,’ and Hannah is equally enthusiastic saying ‘I hope to inspire more ships to arise through my term.’ We congratulate them both on their latest accomplishment and wish them good luck going forward.

Long Beach Invitational Regatta

March 11, 2017
The Long Beach Invitational (LBI) Regatta is designed to test your crew’s skills and knowledge as well as ingenuity and teamwork in a way that is innovative and enjoyable. On March 11, 2017, 94 youth along with 48 adults from 12 ships joined on the Long Beach Sea Scout Base for the 34th Annual Long Beach Invitational Regatta.
Apprentice Christopher Shintani said, “Long Beach Invitational is a small yet enjoyable competition that not only helps bring Sea Scouts together but can show others who are interested or unfamiliar with Sea Scouts, a glance at the knowledge and skills that are taught and learned by Sea Scouts. They always find a different way to twist events that definitely set them apart from other competitions! It’s an event we always look forward to every year!”
This year’s event held a variety of unusual exercises for the teams to complete. From knot tying blindfolded and sailing identification to kayaking and canoeing, these Sea Scouts had a ton of work cut out for them.
At the end of the day it was the crew of the Del Mar from Newport Beach who took the win with a final score of 125 points. Mariners “KMS” Team from Dana Point earned second place with 120 points and the Renegades, from Newport Beach took third with 95 points.
Collin Byun from Ship 90 Renegades thought, “LBI was a lot of fun and a great experience for Scouts of all experience levels.”
The Long Beach Invitational Regatta prides itself on being a different competition each year with new events for the Sea Scouts to compete in. Congratulations to all the teams who participated in this year’s challenging events. We hope to see you out there again next year!

Del Mar from Newport Beach took 1st place. Renegades from Newport Beach took 3rd place.


Mariners “KMS” Team from Dana Point took 2nd place.
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