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The Council Annual Recognition dinner will be held on Wed. March 13, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Garden Grove. This is one of the premier events of the year for Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America, a place where the entire Scouting family comes together to celebrate the impact and service of the greatest volunteers in the county. There will be many volunteer accomplishments recognized during the evening, including adult and youth BSA Lifesaving and Heroism Awards, Hornaday Environmental Service Awards, national and regional recognitions, International Awards and the James E. West Fellowship. However, certainly the highlight of this grand event is the Silver Beaver Award presentations.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest honor and recognition a volunteer can receive from the local council. Silver Beavers are recognized for their extraordinary volunteer contribution to both Scouting AND the community at large. Each year the council bestows approximately 20 Silver Beaver recognitions to volunteers who serve at the unit, district and council level. Although there are other very important recognitions given at the council dinner, the grand finale of the event every year is the Silver Beaver Awards. This is our council’s best opportunity to say thanks publicly and passionately to some very special people who do so much for Scouting, their church or synagogue and local community…all without receiving a paycheck. Registration for the recognition dinner begins in January. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Rachel Cueva  at rachelc@ocbsa.org or (714) 546-8558 ext. 132.

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Congratulations to these very deserving and dedicated Scouting volunteers…


Terry Adams, Canyons District/Council Executive Board

Ken Andresen, El Capitan District

Robert Batman, Pacifica District

Sterling Brennan, Saddleback District/Council Executive Board

Jerry Clark, Pacifica District

Ron Cocchi, Orange Frontier District

Randall Frank, Rancho Del Mar District

Amy Goldsworth, Saddleback District

Peter Gruenbeck, Rancho Del Mar District

Jerome Herrington, Saddleback & El Camion Real Districts

Brian Holmes, Rancho Del Mar District

Derek Knobel, El Camino Real District

Jack Lamey, Pacifica District

Elizabeth Morgan, El Camino Real District

Rob Neal, Council Executive Board

John Norment, Canyons District

Rich Paddock, El Camino Real District

Tony Saucedo, Rancho Del Mar District

David Schmid, Canyons/Council Executive Board

Lou Schmidt, Canyons District

Larry Voelz, Rancho Del Mar District

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